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Commercial Kitchen Hood Installation Manual

Commercial Kitchen Hood installation is time consuming, you have to deal with a lot of code and inspection issues. You’d better hire some professional hood installers like us to install them. However, if you want to know some about hood installations, there are some good manuals you can take a look at:

CaptiveAire, one of the major supplier of commercial hood and fan products has a good manual, you can find it here.

Larkin also have well drafted, illustrated manual for commercial hood installation, You can find it here.

Some other manuals you can look at are:



You can learn a lot from those manual, but we don’t suggest you install them yourselves, not only because code and inspection issues, but also a lot of situation in the installation process need experiences. Sometime, it is really hard to handle those difficulties. Ahead services can handle difficult ducts and hood installations for all the time, we never failed once. You are very welcome to give us a call at 614-OK-HOOD-4 (614-654-6634). We like to discuss and help you with hood installation problems.